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The Champions League group stage is nearing its end as Matchday 5 concludes on Wednesday with eight games across the continent. Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United and RB Leipzig are all facing a bit of pressure to get wins in their group, while a few teams are set to clinch spots in the round of Which teams will come away with three vital points and which teams will crumble under pressure this week? The CBS Sports' soccer experts have made their picks below.

Bouboulinas street nicosia betting states most likely to legalize sports betting

Bouboulinas street nicosia betting

Situated at Keramopoieiou 26 near the Keo brewery. Lithotechnic Printers. Lithotechnics printing services include a full range of design and printing for business cards, stationery, marketing and sales materials, packaging and much more. Lemoniatis Window Films. Also do digital printing.

In Limassol. Your Pictures 2 Canvas. Transform photos into canvas or acrylic prints. Lithostar Ltd. With 40 years of experience Lithostar Ltd provides high quality services in Offset and Digital Printing. Our product gamma includes books, magazines, leaflets, flyers, booklets, folders, stationary, business cards in small and large quantities.

Graphic and advertising design agency based in Paphos. It provides a wide range of services from advertising campaigns, printing ads, advertising banners for outdoor advertising, press ads, corporate identity and branding. Kemanes Digital Printing.

Nicosia based digital printing company offering a variety of printing products and services. Located at 7 Demophontos. Sky Print Ltd. Offset printing, digital printing, foil printing, embossed, die cutting. Company providing on-line printing services. Printing: wedding invitations, business cards and photos. Free shipping. Cyprint Plc. Offering a complete offset and digital printing service. Based in Limassol, printing stationery, wedding invitations, flyers, brochures, leaflets, books, bags and folders.

Also producing customised stickable memo pads. Royalty Signs. Company located in Larnaca specialising in signage, advertising and digital printing for all sectors of the community. Shop signs, both internal and external.

Personalised embroidery and printing on t-shirts, polo shirts, shirts, sportswear. In Paphos. Aznet Printworks. Printing company located in Agia Napa and specialising in offset printing, wide format printing and design. Can also supply car graphics. Check When it's a player's turn to act and there has been no action in front of them and he opts not to bet, he 'checks. Chop To return the blinds to the players who posted them and move on to the next hand if no other players call. Dealer's Position Being the last to act in a betting round.

On the button. Diamonds One of the four playing card suits. Formerly representing merchants. Disconnect Protection A tool to protect players in the event that their internet connection is lost while involved in a pot. Dominating Hands Primo hands that are not only good, solid hands, but have lots of room for improvement. Down Card Hole cards, or cards that are dealt face down.

Drawing Hand A hand that needs improvement to win. Usually to a straight or flush. Drop Fold. Deuces A pair of Twos. Flop In Hold'em, the first three community cards that are dealt face-up in the center of the table, all at one time. Flush Any five cards of the same suit. Flush Draw When a player has four cards in his hand, all of the same suit and is hoping to draw a fifth to make a flush. Fold To throw your hand away when it's your turn to act.

Forced Bet A required bet that starts the action on the first round of a poker hand. Four of a Kind Four cards of the same number or face value 'quads'. Fourth Street Turn. Full House Any three cards of the same number or face value, plus any other two cards of the same number or face value. Heads-up When only two players are involved with a hand. Hearts One of the four playing card suits. High Limit A game where the amounts wagered are high.

Hold'em Also known as Texas Hold'em, where the players get two down cards and five community cards. Kick It Raise. Knock Check. Late Position Position on a round of betting where the player must act after most of the other players have acted, usually considered to be the two positions next to the right of the button.

Limit Poker A game that has fixed minimum and maximum betting intervals, along with a prescribed number of raises. Live Hand A hand that could still win the pot. Low Limit A game where the amounts wagered are small. Middle Position Somewhere between the early and late positions on a round of betting the fifth, sixth and seventh players to the left of the button.

Muck To discard or throw away your hand. It is also a pile of cards that are no longer in play. Minimum Buy-in The least amount of money with which you can start a game. Nuts The best possible hand at any point of the game. A hand that cannot be beat. Offsuit Cards of a different suit. On the Button Being the last player to act in a betting round.

Dealer's Position. Open-ended Straight Four consecutive cards whereby one additional consecutive card is needed at either end to make a straight. Open Card A card that is dealt face-up. Open Pair A pair that has been dealt face-up. Out Button A disc placed in front of a player who wishes to sit out a hand s , but remain in the game. Outs The number of cards left in the deck that will improve your hand. Overpair A pocket pair higher than any of the cards on the board.

Pass To fold. Play Back To raise or re-raise another player's bet. Playing the Board In flop games, when your best five card hand is all five of the community cards. Pocket The down cards or hole cards. Pocket Cards The two cards dealt to you at the beginning of a Hold'em hand that no one else is entitled to see.

Pocket Rockets A pair of Aces in the pocket or hole. Position Where a player is seated in relation to the dealer, therefore establishing that player's place in the betting order. Pot The money or chips in the center of a table that players try to win.

Pot Limit This is a game where the maximum bet can equal the pot. Put Down To fold a hand. Rake Chips taken from the pot by the cardroom for compensation for hosting the game. Rank The value of each card and hand. Reading Analysis of a player based on how they play, mannerisms, and tells. Re-raise To raise a raise. Ring Game A 'live' game that is not a tournament. River This is the last card given in all games. Round of Betting This is when players have the opportunity to bet, check or raise.

Seating List A waiting list. Second Pair In flop games, when you pair the second highest card on the board. Set Having a pocket pair that matches one of the cards on the board. Showdown At the end of the final betting round, it's when all active players turn their cards face-up to see who has won the pot. Side Pot A separate pot s which is contested by remaining active players when one or more players are all-in.

Small Blind The amount put in the pot by the person immediately to the left of the dealer 'button' prior to the cards being dealt. Split Tie. Stack A pile of chips. Straight Five consecutive cards of any suit. Straight Flush Five consecutive cards of the same suit. Suit A characteristic of a playing card. The card being either of Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, or Spades. Texas Hold'em This is also the name for Hold'em, the most popular form of poker.

Three of a Kind Three cards of the same number or face value 'trips'. Tight Either a player who doesn't play many pots, or a game that doesn't have much action.


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